Shop Fitout Clearout

You’re about to open the door to your new premises.

Right now you’re struggling to open the doors for yourself. You’re so excited your hand is shaking, making it hard to get the key in the lock. Mind you, that could also be due to the cramp in your hand from signing so much paperwork for the shop lease.

You eventually unlock the door, and with a bit of a shove manage to swing it open. There’s power, so you turn on the lights and…

… it’s perfect.

It’s a nice building in a great location, and the fitout crew worked sheer magic so you could open to the public on time with everything ready to go.

But that wasn’t the story a few days ago.  OK so you didn’t expect it to be in pristine condition.  After all, you’re not the first business to use this space. But it looked like the previous tenants had spent their last few hours practising their telekinesis.

There was broken furniture all over the floor, along with a few cupboard doors. The cupboards themselves were hanging by a couple of nails, as if it took a few pulls to realise they weren’t portable.

There was even a sink in the middle of the floor, which either came from the kitchen area of was part of a very interesting water feature.

Luckily the shop fitters knew their stuff.  The place was gutted and all the junk removed—quickly and efficiently ready for the new shop fitting.

And that’s where the team at Brizzy Rubbish Removals were able to help. Experts at removing rubbish for shop fitouts, athey knew how important it is to get it done quickly and efficiently.  Just give them a call and they’ll collect all the junk and take it away. And you won’t need to life a finger.

Which is probably just as well, because you really should rest that hand.