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Shop Fitout Clearout

You’re about to open the door to your new premises.

Right now you’re struggling to open the doors for yourself. You’re so excited your hand is shaking, making it hard to get the key in the lock. Mind you, that could also be due to the cramp in your hand from signing so much paperwork for the shop lease.

You eventually unlock the door, and with a bit of a shove manage to swing it open. There’s power, so you turn on the lights and…

… it’s perfect.

It’s a nice building in a great location, and the fitout crew worked sheer magic so you could open to the public on time with everything ready to go.

But that wasn’t the story a few days ago.  OK so you didn’t expect it to be in pristine condition.  After all, you’re not the first business to use this space. But it looked like the previous tenants had spent their last few hours practising their telekinesis.

There was broken furniture all over the floor, along with a few cupboard doors. The cupboards themselves were hanging by a couple of nails, as if it took a few pulls to realise they weren’t portable.

There was even a sink in the middle of the floor, which either came from the kitchen area of was part of a very interesting water feature.

Luckily the shop fitters knew their stuff.  The place was gutted and all the junk removed—quickly and efficiently ready for the new shop fitting.

And that’s where the team at Brizzy Rubbish Removals were able to help. Experts at removing rubbish for shop fitouts, athey knew how important it is to get it done quickly and efficiently.  Just give them a call and they’ll collect all the junk and take it away. And you won’t need to life a finger.

Which is probably just as well, because you really should rest that hand.





Rubbish Management Tips for Commercial Fit Outs and Renovations

Whether you’re a shopfitter, builder or if you’re a small business owner saving a few dollars by renovating or removing old fittings yourself, managing rubbish on site can be a nightmare. Don’t worry, Brizzy Rubbish Removals will be by your side to keep your site tidy and safe.

Designate your Brizzy Rubbish Removal Collection Point

Where possible, pick an easy-to-access spot that won’t be in the way of your builders or the public. If necessary, cordon off the area to ensure nobody gets hurt. It’s a good idea to find a spot that’s not easily visible from the road, that way, your neighbours won’t be tempted to add their old computer monitor or broken office chair to your pile!

Avoid Rubbish Overflow

The bin inside your fit out or renovation area ALWAYS seems full! It might not seem like a big deal, but allowing your site bin to overflow means double handling your rubbish and creating dangerous trip hazards. If that rubbish also contains nails, that trip hazard could turn into a hospital trip hazard. Emptying the inside bin regularly keeps your site safer and tidier and helps you to monitor how much rubbish you’ve accumulated. Brizzy Rubbish Removals can come daily but if you have a different arrangement, you’ll know when it’s getting time to call us in.

The only good kind of breakdown on the job…

Breaking down larger items will mean less strain on your back and a safer, neater rubbish pile so always break down the big stuff before carrying it out to your rubbish pile. You’ll only pay for what we remove but large, whole objects such as display cases or cabinets will make it tougher for us to fit all your rubbish in our trucks. Besides, who doesn’t like smashing stuff? It’s the best part of the job!

Keep the neighbours happy

Don’t get your new business started on the wrong foot. Neighbouring shops and offices are still open for business and don’t want their customers looking at your eyesore of a worksite. Keep them happy by minimising the mess and clutter visible from the outside. Brizzy Rubbish Removals’ daily service keeps neighbours happy and pedestrians safe by ensuring a clean, clear site every night.

Safety first, second and third…

When tearing out old fittings, be sure to check for any safety hazards. Old water heaters could still be connected to gas mains. Old walls could contain asbestos and if you’re not a pro, you might not know where to look for electrical wiring or pipes. Be sure to check over the plans before you touch anything structural and contact “Dial Before You Dig” on 1100 before working on floors, driveways or car park areas. Of course, take care lifting all that rubbish too.
We’re all about helping you have a safer and tidier site, that’s why Brizzy Rubbish Removals is Brisbane’s favourite rubbish service for commercial and building waste removal.