Kerbside Junk Collection Brisbane

You may be aware that throughout the year various Brisbane suburbs (for example Brisbane’s Northside) have a junk collection service.  Unfortunately, it’s a sad fact that most of this ends up compacted in trucks and headed for landfill.  What we love is that a lot of these items are picked up by other people in the suburb who may have the time to fix or renovate the item.  The secondhand economy is thriving in Brisbane and around the world as we come to terms with waste management and the longevity of some items.

If you’ve missed kerbside collection in your suburb (not hard when it’s only once or twice a year!) then we can help.  Some items they won’t take we can take anyway. When we collect rubbish from your property we aim to recycle as much as possible.  This means we separate out what we can and we often donate items wherever possible.  Most of what we move are quite bulky items that you just wouldn’t attempt without expecting to struggle.  Our team is super fit and extremely experienced in rubbish removal – they have all been with us for many years.

So if you’ve missed the kerbside collection or you just prefer a service where there is going to be a better chance for recycling then please get in touch.