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Spring has Sprung! Time to Spring Clean

Here we are heading into the warmer months again as Spring starts strong in Brisbane.  As always, it’s a good time to clean up your property ready for the dry months we are expecting.  Whilst last years rain had us dealing with a lot of garden rubbish, this year it’s the same but we are dealing with dry weather the the need for fire risk mitigation in some areas.  As El Niño comes into effect in Queensland we will see reduced rainfall and hotter days. Removing ‘fuel’ around your property is one of the recommended gardening maintenance tasks when the weather is dry like this, particularly in areas near bushland and larger properties.

You can mulch some of the garden waste that comes from this, chop logs and store for firewood if you have a wood burner but often you end up with large piles of garden green waste that needs to be removed.  Not everyone has the time (or desire) to spend the weekend mulching or chopping and moving branches for storage and burning rubbish is just not an option with fire-bans in place across Brisbane.  In this ase just call us and we can pop by to remove your remaining garden waste.  Quotes can happen over the phone or fill out the form with photos attached.

White Goods Disposal / Recycle and Old Appliances Removed

With the crazy Black Friday sales that have been going on we’re seeing an increase in the number of requests for Brisbane whitegoods removal and disposal.  If you have not already upgraded your old appliances then you might be considering this after the next big sale week which is after Christmas when the boxing day sales kick in.

You can definitely delay the disposal of the old white goods appliances (and a lot of people do this choosing to manage that themselves) but it is certainly a space saver if you decide to have these items collected and disposed of immediately.   Who knows when your old mate with the ute will really have time to swing around to collect these items!  Particularly at this time of year.  It never makes you popular requesting help with these things either!

Brizzy Rubbish Removals are doing this almost daily and our team are fast and efficient, giving you back precious space and removing unsightly junk from homes without you having to lift a finger.

So, when you need the job done fast and efficiently without having to lift a finger you know who to call for all of your rubbish and junk removal in Brisbane.

We load, you relax – too easy!


Moving House Rubbish

Moving house? Here’s what to do with your rubbish

Moving house can be a real headache. Whether you are selling your home or moving out of a rental property, there are so many things to think about – it gets pretty overwhelming. So how can you make moving out a little less stressful? In the current crazy real estate market in Brisbane we explore how you can tidy your space the easy way when you move.

Take your time

Sometimes, you need to move quickly – but if you can, try to take your time and consider the practical side of moving house. It isn’t just about packing up your stuff and making a move. You need to think about how you can make your move as easy and streamlined as possible. This means looking into removal companies early, giving yourself time to pack thoughtfully and considering how the space you are moving to might differ from where you are now.

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Happy Holidays

As 2021 comes to a close we take the opportunity to thank you for your support of Brizzy Rubbish Removals this year.  It’s been another strange one thanks to the pandemic which continues to tag along but it’s certainly getting better and we are very appreciative of the freedoms we’ve had in Queensland.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and holiday period, that you get a chance to put your feet up and find the energy to enter 2022 with renewed vigour and determination to push on and get the momentum going again.

Our team is fully vaccinated, full of energy and ready to work through the holiday period and into the new year.  If you need anything jump on the phone or fill out the usual quote form.  You’ll see our trading times on the contact page.  Happy holidays!