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White Goods Disposal / Recycle and Old Appliances Removed

With the crazy Black Friday sales that have been going on we’re seeing an increase in the number of requests for Brisbane whitegoods removal and disposal.  If you have not already upgraded your old appliances then you might be considering this after the next big sale week which is after Christmas when the boxing day sales kick in.

You can definitely delay the disposal of the old white goods appliances (and a lot of people do this choosing to manage that themselves) but it is certainly a space saver if you decide to have these items collected and disposed of immediately.   Who knows when your old mate with the ute will really have time to swing around to collect these items!  Particularly at this time of year.  It never makes you popular requesting help with these things either!

Brizzy Rubbish Removals are doing this almost daily and our team are fast and efficient, giving you back precious space and removing unsightly junk from homes without you having to lift a finger.

So, when you need the job done fast and efficiently without having to lift a finger you know who to call for all of your rubbish and junk removal in Brisbane.

We load, you relax – too easy!


Fridge Removal

The not so humble fridge removal service is probably the most common request we get here at Brizzy Rubbish Removals. It’s no wonder when you consider the weight of most modern fridges and white goods. Some will require two people just to manoeuvre them onto the moving truck. When you have a complex exit path such as down stairs, around corners or through narrow doorways it can get even trickier. Making these tasks easier is the exact reason we are in business because many people don’t have the time, strength or experience to be able to move a fridge without doing an injury or damaging the house (or vehicle) on the way out.

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Recycle Your White Goods And Be Healthy, Wealthy And Wise!

When white goods turn to rusty goods, it can be more serious than you think. They’re not just bad for your wallet and the environment; they can be bad for your family’s health.  But don’t do your back and waste a whole Saturday hauling them off to the dump… call in Brizzy Rubbish Removals and use their white goods removal service to get rid of them hassle free.

Did you know…

Recycling aluminum saves 95%* of the energy it takes to convert it from bauxite, plastic saves 88%* and using recycled material in steel production saves 75%* of the energy needed to make new steel, reduces emissions by 90%* and water use by 40%* – so it’s lucky Brizzy Rubbish Removal is all about doing your recycling for you – so you can feel 100% good with 0% effort! Continue reading

Brisbane and Queensland White Goods Removal

If you’ve avoided buying whitegoods that connect to the Internet for fear of them downloading music and buying stuff on eBay, I have some bad news.  From the moment you plugged in your fridge, freezer, washing machine, dryer, oven or dishwasher, it’s been communicating with your other whitegoods. But they’re not talking about the latest album they downloaded, or the eBay item they just put a bid on.  Instead, they’re working out the most inconvenient time to break down.  And it’s a fine line. If they break down too early, they’ll probably be repaired under warranty. And if they leave it too late, they may be replaced before they have the chance to destroy your clothes and spoil your food.

Your fridge and freezer will probably go first, because they know how much you love food. Right now you might not think it’s such a bad thing. Your house feels pretty much like a freezer anyway, so you could just leave everything out on the kitchen bench.
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