Fridge Removal

The not so humble fridge removal service is probably the most common request we get here at Brizzy Rubbish Removals. It’s no wonder when you consider the weight of most modern fridges and white goods. Some will require two people just to manoeuvre them onto the moving truck. When you have a complex exit path such as down stairs, around corners or through narrow doorways it can get even trickier. Making these tasks easier is the exact reason we are in business because many people don’t have the time, strength or experience to be able to move a fridge without doing an injury or damaging the house (or vehicle) on the way out.

If you use our service you won’t have to lift a finger except to make the call or send us an email to book. You can rest assured our team are reliable, trustworthy and experienced. Every week our team are collecting all kinds of fridges from top mount, two door, fridge/freezer combinations and with all kinds of finishes from the stainless steel to your typical white fridge. We take the old white goods to the resources recovery centre in Brisbane and this means they are recycled. Previously with the older fridges the gasses needed to properly extracted and not released into the atmosphere but it’s rare that these fridgges come through now and when they do they are usually already empty. The scrap metal from fridges taken to the BCC waste centres is recycled.

Something you may not know about the refuse centres in Brisbane is that after the load of rubbish or junk is weighed and paid for by our drivers there are charities in the centres who come through the trucks. When they do they are looking to see what could be resold or reused before junk gets offloaded. Great idea isn’t it?! This means that fridges in good working order or with potential to be refurbished will end up helping someone and not always end up as land fill or scrap metal.