Rainy Day Rubbish Clear Out

How good was all that rain this Easter?! Well good as long as you didn’t plan to camp. Nice weather for ducks. We love the rain because there’s nothing like a rainy day stuck inside to get the organiser types into their happy place. If you’re not one of them and you see an organiser starting to get ready for a big clear out and declutter we suggest you get out of the house ASAP. ‘Skedaddle’ you know? If you don’t move fast you might be drawn into hauling boxes of rubbish into the garage ready for a trip to the rubbish tip. Keep our number handy just in case.

So what sort of clean ups and clear outs happen on a rainy day? Well there’s the classic garage clean up. This is where your husband disappears into the garage with a headset and doesn’t resurface for hours but you do hear things being moved around so he can finally see his tools over all the household jun that has been collecting in the garage. Meanwhile it’s a good excuse to watch a few episodes of MAFS or GoT without interruption.

Then there’s the under the house organisation. If you’re in a Queenslander then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Under house clearouts are fairly common after the holidays when we have finally recovered from school holidays and relatives and have some energy again to get back into the swing of things. First stop – space. We need more space.

And that’s really what it’s all about isn’t it? Claiming space and keeping our space clean and free from clutter. Which brings us to the general declutter type of organisational dream. As more and more people move towards the minimalism (a backlash from the retail and credit extravaganza of the 90’s no doubt) before we started thinking about recycling plastics and how to avoid sending a gazillion household things to landfill (and cut up the credit cards).

If you’ve had the time to rethink your storage and junk and you now have a pile of rubbish ready for removal well, you know who to call right?

(Hint: It’s not ghostbusters).

Brizzy Rubbish Removals take care of all Brisbane junk and waste including household rubbish, commercial rubbish and garden rubbish.