Minimalism and Junk Clear Outs in Brisbane

Household junk clear outs are common during the cooler months of Winter. Come spring Australia will be in full garage sale mode so it’s a good time to start getting rid of junk and setting aside any items that can be sold for a few dollars.

Minimalism has had a massive revival thanks to the likes of Marie Kondo and SugarMamma’s $1000 project but not everything can be sold quickly so it’s good to know what will and what won’t sell. Whether you are in Brisbane’s North or Brisbane South or even the Western and Centenary Suburbs, the tips around junk are pretty much the same. Here’s what we know:

Anything that is broken – forget it. Not many people are keen to take on your fixit project and that’s why it’s been sitting in the garage for so long. So broken furniture or white goods are not likely to sell or even be given away. That’s probably why we collect these items almost every day!

Clothing that is stained, damaged or heavily worn generally won’t sell. Anything that isn’t any of those can be sent to charity and the old stuff put aside for the junk collection. If you have baby clothes and toys try putting these on the local Facebook pages for free or a few dollars. Baby items are one thing that is available in abundance so a little harder to move at a garage sale unless the items are designer or unique and in really good condition.

Old mattresses are another tough one. As a very personal item, an old mattress is not likely to be well received which is why they are often considered junk. You might be able to sell it for a very small amount if it’s very clean and basically unused or perhaps the spare room mattress but most people will bypass the mattress you just replaced for a new one.

The sort of items that sell well are Ikea furniture, items of furniture that are solid wood (lots of people are turning these into shabby chic or painting them white but again, it’s a time-consuming endeavour that only someone with a lot of time on their hands will want to take on.

Everything else, no matter how much junk there is we can come and collect it. Junk removals in Brisbane is our core service and we do it fast and with a friendly smile! We hope you’re feeling inspired to get into the junk room or garage and start clearing and reviewing your stored items to see if you can minimise and claim back some space.