Gadget Hounded

Thanks to those clever people we affectionately call “nerds”, technology is getting smaller, faster and cheaper every day. Except for televisions, which will soon be measured in square kilometres.
Unfortunately it also means by the time you get your new gadget home it’s already obsolete.
This is great for the nerds, who keep adding millions to their bank account but nothing to their wardrobe. But for the rest of us, it poses two major questions:

How can we afford to keep buying new gadgets?

What do we do with the old ones?

The answer to the first one is simple. We keep using our credit card until the numbers on the front resemble our monthly repayments.

Unfortunately, answering the second one isn’t so straightforward.

In the good old days we could simply offload… sorry, “pass them down” to our children, who were happy to receive anything they could break and not get in trouble for. But these days kids are more tech-savvy than we’ll ever be, and wouldn’t touch anything we’ve owned with a laser pointer.

You could try selling it online, but it’s probably too old to attract any buyers and too new to catch the interest of your local museum. And by the time you factor in the seller fees, the hassles of posting it, and the public humiliation of ever owning such a thing, it probably isn’t worth it anyway.

Another option is to take it to the local dump. But along with the hassles of actually taking it there, you also risk your gear contaminating the ground, or even being re-programmed by cockroaches to destroy mankind.

Fortunately, Brizzy Rubbish Removals can help. Not only will they collect your old television for you, they’ll take it to one of Brisbane’s premier recycling stations, where it will be disposed of properly. No worries about contaminating the ground, and no chance of it falling into the hands of evil cockroach overlords.

That means you can relax and get on with more important issues. Like trying to understand the manual that came with your latest gadget.