Christmas: What a load of rubbish.

As you can probably tell from all the tinsel and guys dressed in red suits, it’s Christmas.
(If you didn’t know, please tell us where you live so we can stay with you. It would be so nice to sleep without having to shield our eyes from next-door’s Christmas lights.)
And that means people you haven’t seen or even spoken to all year will suddenly get the urge to make contact once again.
If you’re lucky, it will just be a Christmas card–a snowman or some other “Christmas” scene that makes no sense in Australia on the front, and your name scrawled on the inside. (At least you think it’s your name. It’s either that or a prescription from your doctor.)
Cards are great. You just sit them on a clear surface to show people how “popular” you are, and then toss them all in the bin on Boxing Day.
But sometimes people feel so guilty about not knowing how to work a telephone they send you gifts instead. And these aren’t just any gifts. These are gifts that clearly say, “I have no idea what you’re interested in, so I’ve chosen the most hideous/impractical present I could find”.
Before you know it, your house is so cluttered with this crap you could quite easily turn it into a souvenir shop.
The good news is Brizzy Rubbish Removals can help you get rid of it. Just give them a call, and they’ll come around and take it all off your hands/mantels/patios. They won’t even laugh at all the crap you’ve received (well, not much).
Of course, the worst gift of all is the surprise visit from friends and/or relatives. Forget that whole “Silent Night, Holy Night” stuff. Your house will be turned upside-down (literally if the kids have their way). And when they finally leave (allow 6-8 weeks) you’ll face a house full of broken furniture and carpets so dirty you’ll wipe your feet to go outside.
Brizzy Rubbish Removals can help there, too. They can’t get rid of your guests for you (apparently there are laws about that), but they will help you get rid of all that broken furniture. They’ll even remove your carpet for you if you like. (The good news? Next time your “guests” come to visit you’ll be able to wash the floors with a hose.)
From everyone here at Brizzy Rubbish Removals, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And remember: the post-Christmas sales are the perfect time to buy some new furniture.
And a security screen for your front door to keep everyone out next Christmas.