Spring is here! Garage junk clear outs begin.

How good is Spring in Brisbane?!  Beautiful weather, we are not (currently) in lockdown and it’s almost at the point where we might get a little respite from the masks.  Let’s cross our fingers! We have had a very busy week and weekend of rubbish removal and it’s only going to ramp up from here on in for junk removal in Brisbane because it’s garage clearout time.

If you’ve lived in Brisbane for a while you will realise spring is all about the garage clearout and under house clean up while the weather is cool.  Note that our trucks fit just about anywhere including low height situations. Getting ready for junk collection before Brisbane starts to get muggy and hot.  Garage sales galore and then we do the pickup of everything that was left behind.  And the garden green waste is a common job at this time of year although we are getting past the big-pruning time.  If you missed getting into the garden in the last weeks of winter then you might want to book that in now as the hedges and tree limbs always need a good pruning before the spring growth.  It might be a little too late if you leave it much longer.

We hope you have a glorious week in Brisbane and feel as grateful as we do to be living in the sunshine state in Springtime.