Real estate rubbish removal after an outgoing tenant

Even though tenants are supposed to leave a property in the same state as they found it and remove all rubbish on vacate in the real world this doesn’t always happen to the standard required.  It’s common when moving house to find that you don’t have room at the next rental home, so for whatever reason, junk can end up left behind at the end of a rental contract. Even worse, tenants often “forget” broken appliances or furniture and goods that are simply too cumbersome to move from one point to the next.

While the tenant can happily leave that headache behind,  property managers are left to deal with the clean-up on behalf of landlords.  Help is at hand, though and you don’t need to add this issue to your existing worries if you deal with companies that are set up for this purpose.

When you inspect the property after a tenant’s departure, you may be shocked to see what’s left behind.

An old CRT television may have given up the ghost and might be sitting forlornly in the spare room. The tenant may have spilt a drink onto a computer keyboard and decided to leave that behind as well. In the living room, a couch may have obviously seen better days, while a sofa may need to be reupholstered (making it basically junk).

You may also find that they have left a lot of rubbish in the back garden as well. Old potted plants may have been too much of an effort to collect, and certain items of garden furniture may have been left to rot instead.

You may have been afraid to open the garage door and for a good reason. This space may be full of old boxes, half-full paint pots, an aged bicycle frame and half-finished projects.  All in all, quite a headache.

Ready to Help

You’ll be pleased to know that Brisbane’s original, family-owned rubbish removal business is ready to help. With one call, you can take advantage of the following:

Our fast, efficient, reliable and friendly service
An online quoting service, where you can attach your photos and receive an estimate
A trustworthy team that’s been around for many years and has an excellent reputation
Uninterrupted occupancy

As a property manager, we know you want your new tenants to come on board as soon as possible and without delay.   We can come in and clear out all rubbish and junk left by outgoing tenants so you can get back to 100% occupancy and keep those revenues intact.