Stuck at home with a pile of junk because you ended up organising everything room by room?

Brisbane junk removal

Well done Brisbane, it’s good to see everyone staying home and keeping their distance. Our team are also following all the rules to ensure our rubbish removal service remains safe and sanitary.

If the jobs we’ve had this week are anything to go by, we’re guessing Marie Kondo has made a very quick comeback around Brisbane. Perhaps it’s the cooler weather or maybe it’s because half of Brisbane is staying home and suddenly all the annoying things like sorting out cupboards, rooms of junk and storage boxes are begging for attention.

Did you give in and clear out one room only to find that led to a pile of mess in another room – which you then cleaned out in turn leading to … a mess in the next room until finally you were all done and now you have a massive pile of junk that needs to go? We may have just seen this situation a few times!

Normally you’d have a garage sale but at the moment that’s not possible so the quickest safest option is to just make the call and have it collected and disposed of fast. We can work with you to ensure a rubbish collection with minimal or no contact.