Retail Rubbish

Christmas is on the horizon again and with that comes a massive increase in the amount of rubbish generated from packaging and wrapping at retail shopping centres. In fact many commercial business’ experience an increase in rubbish at this time of year (of course) as deliveries are massively increased in preparation for the Christmas boom.

It’s great to see many centres have finally implemented recycling bins in the food courts (this has been happening overseas for many years already) but what’s happening ‘out the back’ of the offices and shops? What happens to the rest of the commercial waste and rubbish?

Not all centres provide access to skip bins and it’s not always convenient to have to wait for a replacement when they are already overflowing. When time is limited and you want rubbish out of sight and out of mind ASAP a truck and a dedicated commercial rubbish removalist is often the most convenient solution.