It’s Brisbane storm cleanup time!

If you live in Brisbane, you’ll be no stranger to the Summer storms that have been lashing the city a little earlier than usual. Brizzy Rubbish Removals are dedicating their time and vehicles to help with garden rubbish clean up after the recent storms, so if you’ve been hit by these storms and are in need of help to clean up the storm debris, give Brizzy Rubbish a call on 1800 BRIZZY (1800 274 999) and ask how they can help you. For those who were lucky enough to escape damage, it’s not too late to secure your property by clearing out loose items around the yard and pruning back trees and dead branches.

On a lighter note, with Xmas holidays fast approaching now is a great time to think about having a spring clean. Do you need to clear out the “junk room” to make room for holiday guests? Are you wasting valuable storage space on broken toys from years gone by? Is your New Year’s Resolution to stop hoarding junk? Brizzy Rubbish can make it easier than you think… whether it’s storm debris or household rubbish, just point us to it and we’ll make it disappear so you can sit back and concentrate on having a relaxing Summer break. And for an extra $10 in your pocket, why not use the Junk Removal Online Booking Form. Happy Holidays!