Getting rid of a few bits

Remember when mobile phones first arrived? They cost a fortune to buy, were about the size of a house brick, and weighed just as much. (That’s why all the tradesmen all them—they were the only people strong enough to carry one.) But these days you can a mobile phone for next to nothing and slip it into your pocket.

That’s the great thing about technology—everything is getting smaller, faster and cheaper. And that’s great if you’re buying your first computer.

It’s not so great, however, if you’re buying your fifth.

And let’s face it: once you’ve owned a computer for a couple it becomes annoying to use. Especially when your kids keep complaining it’s not powerful enough to play Space Death Zombie IV.

But what can you do with those old computers gathering dust/sitting in your cupboard/keeping the back door open? It’s not as if you can sell them. (“Oh, sorry. I thought you wanted to pay me to take it.”)

And if you tried donating them to a local school they’d only be used as an example of ancient history.
One thing you can’t do is just throw them away. (If they’re particularly old you won’t even be able to lift them.) The bits and pieces that make up the insides of your computer (other than dust) are full of nasty chemicals that can leak out and cause major damage to the environment. And you thought the virus that ate your report was nasty.

Fortunately, Brizzy Rubbish Removals can solve the problem for you. They can come and pick up your old gear (computers, monitors, keyboards, etc.) and take them to one of Brisbane’s premier recycling stations.

Important note: Before you get rid of them, make sure no-one can get the data off the hard drives by either running an erase program or destroying them with a hammer. The first method is more secure, but the second is much more fun.

So now, thanks to Brizzy Rubbish Removals you can finally get rid of all those old computers once and for all.

All you need to do is find something to keep the back door open.