Brisbane Rubbish Removals When Moving House

Property managers and tenants alike can benefit from a fast and efficient Brisbane rubbish removal service when moving house.  This household rubbish service is commonly called an end of lease clean up (or clearout) and it means the next tenant or landlord won’t have to deal with a load of junk and rubbish lying around their freshly leased property.  Dealing with other peoples junk is really not what you want at the beginning of a tenancy.  But, more importantly for you, it means you won’t have to defend a bond deduction for junk removal.


We load, you relax – too easy!

Quite often the rubbish gets piled up under the house over time.  Especially in Brisbane’s Queenslander style homes.  Apartments will have a different scenario as there’s little room to store excess rubbish so you may have already been organising regular rubbish pickup services to keep things manageable.  Either way, when you move there is still going to be a lot of unwanted bits and pieces (and sometimes even furniture) that you just don’t have room for or just haven’t had time to deal with and decide to leave behind.

Moving house rubbish removals Brisbane

Trusted and friendly local team

Brizzy Rubbish Removals has been in the business locally with the same trustworthy team of lads for years.  We have easy access vehicles to ensure we can get in an out no matter what the situation.  This means under house clear outs , up stairs, tricky parking spots in the Brisbane CBD – you name it we can generally do it.

Some of the items we’ve moved you just wouldn’t want to DIY as it’s physically demanding work.  For example, moving a fridge or other white goods or a sofa bed down three flights of stairs. Or clearing out a self storage unit or the like.  Our team are fit and strong and they know how to manage household furniture and washing machines etc.

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